Hawthorn Land Management

Invasive Plant Removal Services & Fruit Tree Pruning


At Hawthorn Land Management (HLM) we strive to offer the best service to our customers and their land. Our focus is on preserving native plant species by removing, managing, and mitigating invasive species.

Throughout New England we run into numerous invasive plants such as bittersweet, barberry, buckthorn, honeysuckle, multiflora rose, Norway maple, autumn olive, knotweed, and Hungarian/rambling blackberry. Left unchecked, they can crowd out delicate native species and cause harm to ecosystems.


  • Consultation
    • Offered free of charge, our consultation includes a walk-along property evaluation to identify the steps necessary to bring the property up to HLM standards and effectively manage the land.
  • Removal
    • Our crew clears the land of invasive species to the highest possible standard. This service is repeated until the invasive plants cease sprouting and native species reclaim the land.
    • Depending on the location and client preferences we employ a “Chop and Drop” method where the removed material is placed on the ground to decay and add to the humus layer or the material can be moved to another specified location.
  • Native Planting
    • Landowners can work with our leads to identify native plants that best suit the individual property and their desires. Species can be planted on their own or following removal.
  • Integrated Tree Management and Resource Collection
    • We prune fruit trees in the spring.
    • We use wood chips from local arborists as the carbon portion in our mushroom buckets!